Saturday, October 5, 2013

A bittersweet anniversary

This day marks a bittersweet anniversary.  An anniversary that my older sister is very good at remembering - for very obvious reasons! This photo (above) was taken a day or two before the anniversary... maybe you can guess what happened! 

Two years ago today, we left Pennsylvania, left my family, and I haven't seen them since (except for my little sister who visited us in June!).

Two years ago today, we anxiously delayed leaving Pennsylvania as long as we could... waiting for my baby nephew to make his grand appearance! He finally obliged, at the last possible minute, and we got to hold him for a precious hour when he was just hours old... and then we said goodbye.

Happy Birthday, Matthias!! (My mom with her 6 grandkids on that day.)

Two years later:
- We have five children (two of whom have never been out of Uganda).
- My mom has 9 grandkids (two of whom she has never met in person).
- We have two more nephews (on Josh's side - who we have yet to meet).
- Matthias is turning TWO years old! Talitha (another niece that we last saw as an infant) turned TWO just over a month ago.
- My children are more accustomed to living in Uganda than in the USA.
- My children view Skype as the only way to see our family in the USA.
- Three of our children only know Uganda - they talk of the USA as a far-off wonderland where Mimi, Papa, Mama Mac, and Papa Mac live.
- Boxed cake mix no longer tastes good (we're used to making everything from scratch now!).
- We're 20-30 pounds lighter without all the cheese in our diet. ;-P

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