Thursday, September 13, 2012


Papa leading staff devotions today at Home of Love.

We count ourselves so blessed that ALL of our children love being at Home of Love. This is the children's home that Moses is from. The home that is "ours" as one of the key ACTION ministries in Gulu. And all of our children love going there.

Many adoptive children want desperately to form their new identity with their forever family and want nothing to do with the "old life." Now, Moses is definitely doing a lot of that - in fact, we are already working on teaching him Acholi. What little he spoke 5 months ago, he is already working hard to not use. "I like leb English not leb Acholi." (leb is language in Acholi)

But one constant is his love for his aunties and uncles at Home of Love and his love in general for Home of Love. He always wants me to bake cookies to take there, share stickers, and points down the road to Home of Love any opportunity that he has. He has no desire to live there but he does hold it in high (albeit idealized) esteem.

We love that!

We love that Gracie is not only greeted warmly by everyone at Home of Love but is so very alive when she's there, interacting to her fullest abilities. Noah and Ana believe that they own the place, and the goats.

There are things that we're all working to change at Home of Love, just like there are things in our own home that we're working to change. But what a blessing that our children love the place despite their different connections to it!

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