Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing again!

Gracie hasn't played on her own in.... months? half a year? between being on too many meds, having too many seizures, and lately just having one cold after another, she's spent a lot of time not feeling well... but of late, she's returning to normal and getting stronger every day! Now she's playing again and not constantly requiring someone to help her play! horray! Praise God!

Oh yes, and Ana is ALL about dirt and being "ou-side!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

spring update

Ana took "go stand with Gracie" literally and decided to sit on Gracie's lap for a photo.  ... Kisses for G'acie!

Matching clothes are fun (for Mama) for now! The photo taking is a little less enjoyable... in fact, nearly impossible!

The girls aren't sure what to make of 80 degree weather all of sudden - going from coats to sandals is a shock for sure!

In keeping with tradition, the change of season, a recent growth spurt, and some sleep disruption (Sunrise service on Easter!) brought two seizures for Gracie, not aborted by swipes of the magnet over her VNS and requiring diastat.  Tomorrow, however, we have our post-op appointment with the neurosurgeon, so we're hoping for a voltage increase.  Only two seizures (that we know of) in a month - hey! Not bad! That includes the fact that she has basically been sick with one cold after another (including fevers to 104) since the surgery as well!

Ana loves playing outside, although putting flip-flops between her toes is not so fun for her! She likes the "cute shoes" but scrunches her toes away from the strap!

Gracie has been so strong lately - independant sitting is becoming a realistic reality in the near future! She surprises us in PT all the time.  She still hates speech therapy and we have returned to doing switches/big macks, picture exchange, and signs instead of using her computer which she was not accessing at all.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Ana loves kitty cats ("meee-ow, meee-ow") so she was thrilled to get a stuffed kitty for Easter from her auntie and grandma.
Gracie was hilarious pulling her fun out of her basket, especially when she pulled out a wrapped candy and stuck the whole thing in her mouth!
Full of spunk, Ana got to wear Gracie's first easter dress - Gracie wore this when she was 3.5 years old!! Ana wore it at 16 months! :)
Gracie looked gorgeous in a dress, cardigan, and sandals that Auntie and Grandma found for her! So grown up and sophisticated! She had a seizure after the sunrise service that didn't stop with swipes of the magnet across her VNS. So she got diastat and was dopy the rest of the day... oh well! Her first seizure in a month!! We are just so happy that she is doing so well!
Gracie woke up briefly for photos and Easter baskets - the girls are so cute and are so well behaved! They are such a joy to everyone they are with. We are blessed to overflowing!

I was specifically moved this Easter as I thought about Jesus as the Lamb. I was just reading a book called, The Gospel for Real Life, where the author wrote about the two lambs in the Old Testament that were sacrificed each year for the nation of Israel. One lamb was for propitiation and was sacrificed. The high priest prayed over this lamb and confessed the sins of Israel over the lamb and the lamb died in the place of Israel to satisfy God's wrath against sin. The other lamb received the sins of Israel as well but was sent into the wilderness as a symbol of Israel's sin being flung as far as possible. The sins are forgiven, God's wrath is satisfied, and the sins are separated from us, as far as the east is from the west. Jesus was BOTH lambs and so our sin no longer separates us from the holy God, His wrath is satisfied, and our sin no longer hangs over us as a reason to feel guilty. Those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of their lives are completely forgiven by Jesus' sacrifice. Amazing Grace!!!

I thought you might enjoy a little song from our song bird! 16 month old Ana is not a great performer as she prefers to smile and say "cheese" to the camera, but every so often I capture her non-stop singing on camera!

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