Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

My strategy for 2 months on the road!

I have worked hard on my strategy for packing and traveling with my unique family. Here are some of my pearls and what has worked well for us:

1) I packed 7 days worth of clothes for each person (a few extra undies for Ana and onesies for Noah).

2) I packed all of our clothes in one suitcase so I only have one area to go to for dressing everyone.

3) I pack an "overnight" bag with 2 sets of clothes for everyone and our toiletry kit for the days when we're on the road and just making brief stops. That way, we only get the suitcase out of the car when we're at a place for many nights.

4) I packed a bin with extra toiletries so we didn't have to buy things along the way that I already had at home. The bin can stay under a seat or in the car-topper and doesn't come into the home that we're staying in.

5) I packed a bag that is just jackets and that stays in the car.

6) All our church clothes AND SHOES are together in a suitbag and that doesn't get unpacked until I'm getting our clothes ready for church.

7) I rigged up a pulley system in our car so that I can pass snacks to the kids in the back while we drive - Gracie has figured out to pull out graham crackers and eat them when I pass her the bucket! Unfortunately, graham crackers are the only thing that she can feed herself, so ... this plan is a little limited but at least she gets a little snack along the way until we stop!

8) Each kid has a backpack with toys (the car is still a wreck inside, but it helps a little!).

9) We bought a $30 weather-proof soft car topper which has been great - mostly filled with diapers and some Gracie supplies and that extra stuff we pick up along the way that we don't need for this trip.

10) We took Gracie's travel wheelchair instead of her good wheelchair - I was quite conflicted about this since her positioning is so much better in her actual wheelchair. BUT, she's been sitting up so nicely in regular chairs that we've been focusing on that for her and it saves us so much room in the car!

11) Probably most importantly, we took a middle seat out of the van so we have an open area to get to the kids - this has been so great! I can sit in the back feeding Gracie while Josh runs into a store or restroom!

12) I brought a soft collapsible hamper for our dirty laundry - love it!

on the road

What a privilege it is to have an opportunity to "tour the country" as we raise support to move to Uganda! We are blessed to see regions of the USA that we never got to see before and spend time with God's people across the States!

Our support is moving along well. We are hoping for a fall departure to Uganda - we still have around $800/month left to raise, but that number is so much more tangible now! Now we see that every little bit helps! We are working hard on consciously not focusing on the numbers (easy though that would be as we long to be in Uganda) and focusing on God's calling and glory each day. This part of the journey is not just a means to an end, but is part of the journey and also a testimony to God's glory and grace!

Every day is an opportunity to teach my children more about Christ - am I doing that or am I focused on packing the car, feeding the family, giving them a "fun" day, and somehow staying organized as we live out of a suitcase?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gracie standing

Look at our girlie - standing with her back against the tree - she fell over shortly after this picture (haha!) but she's doing pretty good with that, huh?! :)

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