Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The new abode

(The girls are trying to figure out how to sleep in their new sleeping nook - Ana found a body to snuggle with!)

We are in the midst of such a busy period of our lives that we hardly know what to do with ourselves! Our field directors blessed us with a visit to our home two weeks ago and got to stay for a week. It was my first time meeting them in person (although I certainly already felt like I knew them from all of our emails back and forth). It was such a wonderful time and we are all so eager to get to Uganda to minister with and to them full time! Their faith is very real and immediate and Candis especially set an example for me as she just stopped and prayed at all times of the day whenever there was something to pray for. None of this, "I'll be praying" but rather, "Let's pray now!"

We moved into Josh's parents' home (in the same area) and that has been an adventure - moving out of our home where we have lived for 5 years (the same amount of time that we have been parents!) and into one bedroom has been so wonderful as we were forced to get rid of everything. We had a yardsale where God provided homes for all of our furniture! (We were amazed, because our stuff is junky!!)

Fortunately, Josh's folks went away on vacation this past week so we were able to work through our stuff while their house was a complete wreck, filled with boxes. We still have a lot of work to do and a lot to get rid of, but we're settled in and know where most of our remaining stuff is!

Over the weekend, my dear friend, Amanda, had her baby, conveniently several weeks early JUST for me ;-P so that I could hold my "nephew" Ezra before we leave for the summer! What a gift and blessing!

Now, this week, I'm working 13 hour days every day to make up for time that I took off this month for coursework (Christian Counseling) and field directors' visit. I work up until Thursday when we jump in the car and head off across America for the summer! 'whew!'

In the meantime, our condo needs significant work to prep it for a tenant so Josh has been there past midnight working on the condo... yikes!

Pray for strength and health!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

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