Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adoptive parent catalogue

Bethany Christian Services has put out a new Adoptive Parent and Church Resource e-Catalogue with resources for adoption.

Friday, May 20, 2011

God provided!

Look what God provided for us! I had several friends watching for used double jogging strollers for me - I have been doing research on strollers for a year and had come up with a list of criteria: fixed front wheel, large wheels, and removable lap bar (if any bar)... but I missed the winter lull in ebay prices as I debated which stroller to get, so the prices started to climb back up. Long story short, I ran out to a consignment shop the day after Easter because the shop had received a double jogging stroller. I bought this stroller on the spot at the price I had wanted to spend ($60) and we took it home. It's a Twinner II-20 Alloy.

Cons: it doesn't fold up nicely, there's no sun canopy
Pros: GRACIE FITS IN IT!!!!!! and, once I got home and looked up the brand, it's designed for off-roading and used by hikers - so it might actually work for us in Gulu!

I just bought a Protect-a-Bub Deluxe 3-in-1 Sunshade online for $25 - looks like it will provide very full sun protection plus optional bug protection... I'll let you know how it works!

(For the sharp of eye amongst you, you'll notice the Vagal Nerve Stimulator magnet slipped on the stroller above Ana. Gracie is OFF her Keppra (still on depakote) but has had three seizures since being off Keppra. Please pray that she will have NO MORE seizures, as Keppra is not available in Uganda.)

Making yogurt

Well... I finally did it. I've been thinking about making yogurt for months... no, years! Ever since Ana was old enough to eat yogurt, she has LOVED yogurt and eaten 1-5 servings a day. The child would literally eat ONLY yogurt some days if she had her choice!

Josh found yogurt in the store when he visited Gulu last year, but it will be expensive... so I made my first batch of yogurt yesterday. My goal is to experiment with different low-tech methods while still in the USA and then it will be easier when I get to Uganda.

I found a crock pot version of making yogurt, which looked really fun, but I went with the good old fashioned stove top version - heating 8 cups of milk (I used 2% because that's what we had) to 200 degrees, then cooling it to 112-115, then whixing in 1/2 cup store bought plain yogurt, then 4-5 hours incubating at 110 in our picnic cooler with hot water in it. Sounds so simple! It is, but it is time consuming, and not worth the $0.70 per week savings that someone online calculated... that is until we move to Uganda and the savings will be different and availability of yogurt will be different.

It actually turned out great even though I made some mistakes (yes, how simple is the recipe, but I still made mistakes!!). Ana (the queen of funny sayings), however, said this morning that the homemade yogurt "tastes like God" and "tastes like protein" so she didn't eat her serving... huh?! :)

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