Friday, April 23, 2010

weeks of silence

I do apologize for the period of silence lately - here's a recap of our weeks since Easter and perhaps you'll see why! Besides being intensely fatigued from pregnancy, we're also working on purging our tiny but packed house and getting it ready to put on the market.

The weather got warm enough for a few weeks for Ana to even go to the beach with Auntie Jessi one day - she loved it! Even though the water was -30, she put up with the pain of icy water to play in the water and sand.

Josh and I went to Mexico where I presented briefly at the Global Health Education Consortium conference - most of the conference was in Spanish and it was nice to see that I was able to understand most of it even though some of the conference was outside of my usual clinic vocabulary. I was also able to get us around without any difficulties. Now that I have a nice grasp of Spanish we'll move on to learning Acholi and I'll promptly forget my Spanish! ;-P (and yes, my 22 week belly is starting to pop out.)

Directly from Mexico, we traveled to Louisville for the Together for the Gospel conference which was really fantastic! We had the privilege of being there with our dear friend from college days - John Shatney. What fun to spend three days with John, hearing amazing men of God, and even getting one little chance to take a brief run over to the Louisville Sluggers to snap some photos and jump in the batting cages.

After our one week absence, facilitated by my amazing mother in law, the kids were besides themselves to see us. Gracie was especially happy to see Josh and for about a week cried for him constantly, just wanting HIM to hold her... I tried to not feel offended... ;-)

Now life is settling down again, although this week I was assigned to round in the hospital so I'm working 7 days straight. Next week is New Hampshire school vacation week so I took the week off and we'll focus on working on the house and spending some time down at Grandma's (and finishing my thesis!!).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

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