Thursday, February 25, 2010

Phone call from Josh!

I was able to connect with Josh today - he got me his cellphone number and I called him using Skype and we got to talk for 20 minutes! He is having a really phenomenal time - it took him a few days to get his energy together after his journey and jetlag, but has been speaking and sharing his testimony at many of the different ministries at ACTION Gulu. Bible studies, Home of Love orphanage (where he is hosted in an unfinished room with no electricity/plumbing), a Prison Farm ministry, a pastor's seminar at an Internally Displaced Persons camp in Attiak (site of great slaughter in the recent past), church, etc. He had a rather unsuccessful visit to the hospital in Gulu where it sounds like the administrators were more interested in promoting the hospital to the white guys than answering Josh's questions about medical facilities that will be available for Gracie.

Tomorrow he'll visiting some housing options to see what kinds of housing are available and he may actually check email tomorrow. He has spent his evenings studying by candlelight in preparation for the last minute speaking the next day. This is very typical for missionaries in general and especially visiting missionaries - to be given surprise assignments at the last minute. The rule of thumb for a missionary man is to always have a short and a long message prepared, and always carry your Bible!

Interested in "seeing" Gulu? Go to Google maps, search for Gulu, Uganda, click on Satellite and for photos click on More and select Photos.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I haven't heard from Josh directly, but our Uganda director has emailed me twice with news of Josh doing quite well. I'm itching to hear from Josh and hear his stories and his report on our mission field!

It sounds like Josh (in true visiting missionary fashion) "shared" in church on Sunday in Gulu and also shared at a Bible study for welders on Monday and had the privilege of witnessing a man come to the Lord! WOW!

Josh and his travel companion (Joe) are headed into the bush today. They'll be at a prison farm ministry with Ugandan ACTION staff today. Tomorrow, they will be going to an IDP camp to help with a special one day pastors' seminar. They will even be teaching!

Please pray that they would be an encouragement to the missionaries, staff, and everyone they come in contact with! Pray also that God would grant them wisdom as they teach, speak, and interact!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Josh in Uganda

I'm sorry for the long silence - life has been exceeding busy, especially as I have been very under the weather and Josh has been out of town a lot. The girls certainly don't slow down for anything!

Gracie lost her first tooth (rather I yanked it out when I realized that her adult tooth was already growing in!) and is VERY six years old these days!

Ana's vocabulary cracks us up - she's extremely verbal to begin with so to hear her converse about very complex things is just hilarious at times!

Josh should have landed in Uganda earlier today - no word from him yet, but that's not unexpected. Who knows when he'll have access to email! He'll be scoping out things for Gracie for our move to Northern Uganda. He'll also be learning more about the ministries, housing options, etc...

In Josh's 2.5 week absence, I am escaping with the girls first to my dear friend, Gina's house in Philadelphia, PA, then for nearly a week I'll be with my in-laws. After that I have to return home because Gracie has school, but my mom might be coming up! I even have a road trip buddy for my trip to PA - my other college roommate and her daughter (a little younger than Ana) are accompanying us!

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