Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whale of a Day

We’re at a camp called “Dream Day on the Cape” on Cape Cod in Nickerson State Park. It’s a free camp for families with children with chronic or life-threatening illness. We stay as a family in a rustic cabin and all the activities and food are provided for us! We got to go whale watching, which was my dream come true, although Gracie didn’t connect with the activity at all. J Ana enjoyed pointing at whales and saying “see whale! Watch whale!” even though when I showed her a plastic whale in the gift shop afterwards she had no idea that it was a whale! So she thinks whales are black lines in the ocean.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer has finally arrived!

We enjoyed a "hike" at a local park with Anna Tsuchiya and her mommy (my college roommate, Brenda). Gracie was on my back the whole time (have I ever mentioned how much I love my Ergo carrier??) so no photos of her! :)
The girls are becoming even better friends and are so cute together! Gracie tolerates Ana's antics and lives vicariously through her a lot too.
Ana and her best buddy, Caleb Murray, on our patio during Bible study.
Ana is learning to dress herself and looks SO stylish! Definitely taking after her aunties!

Ana has (this week) really gotten into watching "Signing Time" and asks for it constantly. I, unfortunately, only have one episode at the moment, but she doesn't mind! This is the girl who had no interest previously in shows (which I was quite happy for anyway)... Gracie's the one that I want to be interested and learn from Signing Time, but I guess if her sister learns signs, then maybe Gracie will too! Gracie DID start signing "eat" which is SO helpful! Gracie now has 3 useful signs! (eat, milk, please/I want)

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