Friday, August 29, 2008

Amazing girls!

Gracie and Ana have taken to walking around the church together - Ana pushes Gracie's gait trainer as Gracie walks along. Between the two of them, they make a pretty efficient team (except for the steering part!). They love it and could do it for hours!

Gracie has made amazing strides (no pun intended) in standing up - we'll get some video up soon of her standing, supporting herself ONLY with her right hand (her otherwise useless hand) - it's amazing! We didn't dream that we'd see her looking this strong and steady. Plus, now she's smiling and her little heart isn't pounding out of her chest with stress at the thought of standing up without human contact - God is SO good!

Gracie went to music camp this summer at the Y which was somewhat fun for her, but definitely good to have her around other kids.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

When Josh is away, us girls all end up together in bed - Gracie's been sleeping poorly due to medication changes so she needs extra help falling and staying asleep and Ana still (at 8 months) gets up to nurse during the night. My little girls are so adorable snuggled up together!

The girls like to be in the middle of the action, so a game of Dutch Blitz sure caught their attention!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nashua Pride Game

Through Partner's in Health (part of the Area Agency - now called Gateways) we received tickets to see the Nashua Pride. Gracie loved cheering, was fascinated by the person walking around in a cow costume, and of course enjoyed being with all of us together! Ana was also interested in the field of play, although she didn't last long into the evening. What fun!
On a side note, my little sister (not so little anymore! She's turning 22!!!!!!!) is headed to France in just a few weeks to spend at least a year with A Rocha as the executive assistant to the director in France. She's excited about this role but has to raise all her own support so this is still a burden on her as she packs her bags for a year. If you're interested in conservation activities around the world and are interested in supporting her, you can mail in a contribution clearly indicated for Amanda McMillan - France. She also would appreciate your prayers as she explores God's purposes through creation and how to be a witness to God's glory and grace through conservation.

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