Thursday, July 24, 2008

an interesting article

A friend's blog pointed out this article about the undue attention that interracial families receive, focused on the child who is of a different race. We certainly get plenty of this attention, and although it's not an issue yet since our kids are so young, it certainly will become one!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more seizures... :(

Well, Gracie's seizures are not well controlled on lamictal. Yesterday evening she had the saddest seizure as she was actually aware that her seizure was coming. After I finished stretching her, she started looking so scared, I thought that maybe I stretched her too aggressively so maybe I had hurt something. She just kept looking more and more scared and starting hugging me tightly. After a minute of this, her right arm started seizing, then her mouth and face, she was still aware and looked terrified as she gradually slipped into a grand mal seizure. Even during the intial parts of the grand mal, her left hand wasn't seizing so she just kept reaching to us. It was so sad! Gave her diazepam and she fell asleep, poor baby! Much better when she isn't even aware that she is having a seizure. But this may shed light on why she's been acting so scared and crying so much at night. Perhaps when she has her night time seizures, she is also aware of those and has been waking up alone as she enters a seizure.

Look at my Gracie swimming all by herself! She recently has started being able to swim on her back alone in the pool (here she's in the lake) and she's even figuring out how to bring herself face up if she's starts tipping to the side. This floaty doesn't even have a head flap to hold her head up - she's doing awesome! :) Praise God!

Monday, July 14, 2008

water buddies

Our Ana and her buddy Caleb enjoyed the lake at the baptism on Sunday!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hospital fun

We were in the hospital again - more seizures this time with a fever. Poor Gracie is so miserable sick but nothing serious except that the fevers give her seizures... We are so blessed to have a local hospital (Southern NH Med Ctr) that we trust and receive good care at. Ana was born there, Gracie has been admitted there many times and also visited the ER many times... it's only 15 minutes or less from our house, so we are blessed!

Keep praying for Gracie to outgrow her seizures by the time we head for the foreign mission field!

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