Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Downhill Skiing

Can you believe she skiied?!

At Vermont Adaptive at Sugarbush, we tried out adaptive skiing on a bi-ski. Gracie loved the ski lift and the first part of skiing down the big hill BUT then fell apart and by the time she reached the bottom she was a basket case. She's just not a fan of winter sports!! We gave it a good try, at least!
The rest of our time was spent chewing fingers... ;-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PT on a horse!

Gracie LOVES her horse therapy sessions with her physical therapist Kim. She loves the ponies and giggles at all the snorting, stomping, and other strange noises and movements the horse does for her.
We do think we see a difference in her, at least the day after PT - sitting up straighter and a little less tight. Fascinating work can be done on the back of a horse - great utility to any number of individuals with unique needs - sensory integration, muscle stregnthening, muscle relaxation, balance and control, trunk and core strength. I'm learning a lot!

TIP: insurance covers these sessions for us as PT sessions since a physical therapist does her sessions - check it out for your kids if they need the PT, or OT, or speech!

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