Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Ultrasound reveals that our new little one is likely a girl! We're glad to be able to tell Gracie about her baby sister now and we're working on names! I feel great these days - no more all day nausea/vomiting and I'm finally gaining weight at 20 weeks.

Gracie updates:
- She is doing very well sitting up.
- She has been holding herself on all fours and rocking back and forth but no crawling yet- this is a huge advance!
- She's rolling all over the place and understands that she can get different places by rolling around! HUGE!
- She's starting to really walk on her tip toes so we're concerned about her achilles spasm - we're waiting for her new orthotics (her old ones are so tiny on her it's comical!) and she'll be back in school/PT/OT next week. We're focusing on stretching, but please pray for this!
- She is on a new med (Keppra) for seizures and we're about to wean off Trileptal to see if that controls her seizures better.
- She's pushing limits and obeying instructions - always amazes people how smart she is (she's good at getting what she wants from non-mama/daddy because she comes across as a baby!).

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