Saturday, April 14, 2007

School Girl, Sibling, Hospital, and so much more

Gracie has been doing very well in school - she goes 4 days a week for 2.5 hours to the public school for preschool which includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as well as classroom time using adaptive equipment so that she can participate as fully as possible with the other kids. She has a one-on-one who has been wonderful. Gracie seems to enjoy it, but most importantly she's getting her therapies in and comes home quite tired.

Developmentally/physically, she's giving herself her sippy cup on her own without assistance - so nice to have her do something for herself so that we can get some things done! She picks up big crackers off the tray and eats them. She feeds herself with a spoon with assistance. She's getting around in her gait trainer very well and loves to explore the church on her own (so cute!). She's still the belle of the ball at church and her adoring fans give her more attention than she could ever imagine.

Just two days ago, she imitated us - the first time we are sure that she was imitating! We were sticking our tongues out and touching her hand to our tongues "mama's tongue" "daddy's tongue"... "where's gracie's tongue?" and she stuck her tongue out! We were thrilled! So rarely does she focus that well, let alone imitate!

She had a blast diving bombing eggs into food coloring for Easter - there was food coloring EVERYwhere!

Monday night she had another seizure which didn't resolve with diastat alone, so we went to the hospital and got admitted (to the local hospital this time). We were very pleased with the local hospital Southern NH Medical Center ( and plan on getting all our care there. Despite the stress of a hospitalization and the recooperation days, we're back on our feet now with an increased dose of her seizure medication. Her neurologist understands that we are traveling to Kenya in September and would like to have better control of her seizures by that time.

The final note is that we are expecting our second child in mid-November! So far pregnancy is much more difficult than adoption as adoption never made me lose so much weight! I'm sick day and night and can count the number of meals that I have eaten since mid-March on one hand! What a challenge! Josh has been amazing taking care of EVERYthing around the home including our energetic 3 year old!

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