Friday, March 9, 2007

The Gracie Update

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd update the world on our princess.

Yes, "princess."

And she knows it. She definitely needs some siblings to divert some attention!

She received her orthotics this week (AFO's are stiff plastic molded braces that start below the knee and end at the toes), so doesn't think she can walk in them so she hobbles stiff legged unless she's excited enough (chasing Daddy) and then she picks her little knees up in the air and lurches forward. Her auntie Amy bought her bright new sneakers (a size bigger) to fit her braces but apparently Gracie thinks they're too heavy because when she's wearing them her right leg REALLY doesn't work! She'll figure it out!

She also had a wheelchair fitting and a small wheelchair was chosen to enable her to join other kids in activities and eventually be able to push herself around and transfer in and out of the chair. This is all through Shriner's Hospital in Springfield, MA and we have been very pleased with them. It's all free care and they work hard to provide any equipment that our insurance won't provide for us.

She has done very well with me going back to work. She gets clingy on weeks when I'm less present, but my reduced schedule (for my Masters of Public Health course work) is doing wonders for us. I feel like I'm actually living life instead of breathing work! The MPH work is not terribly challenging and I am able to accomplish much of it at night after she goes to bed. Since Josh is also studying for his seminary work, we study together!

Please be in prayer for the children that we know of in Liberia who have desperate (i.e. life and death) need for a family and urgent medical care in the USA. They are heavy on our hearts.

We are now preparing our team for our short term missions' trip to Kenya this summer - see our blog at!

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