Saturday, September 9, 2006

New Measurements on Gracie

We are happy to receive a little update on Gracie - a new photo and updated measurements.

We received new and supposedly accurate measurements on our tiny Gracie: Wt-16 lbs, ht-32.5 inches, ft-5, hd-16.5 inches. Tiny! But reportedly very healthy. Keep praying for her!

Note: I really think that she must have weighed 26 lbs at that time, 16 lbs just doesn't make since!

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Our current address:

13-1 Strawberry Bank Road
Nashua, NH 03062

Friday, September 1, 2006

Details on Gracie and Registry

Update on Gracie:
As of 8/30/06 she weighs an estimated 20 pounds and wears a size 2T.
Per the orphange staff, she stands on her own, eats and drinks well, takes a few steps, and is saying a few words. She lives with a foster family.

So you're asking where we are registered - here's the answer, but there's a twist! Read on for how you can help us travel to Liberia just by giving us something that we need to get ready for Gracie! First of all, we're happy to receive used items - these things don't have to be new! :)

We are registered at: for baby items and a couple things to be used for home physical therapy; for books, search wishlist by email; for educational toys, search wishlist by Rattin.

Purchases online from each of these sites will gain us American Airline miles if you enter through and login as one of us. ...

We are also registered at for cloth diapers (we have some basic cloth diapers already). Search wishlist for "Rattin."

Our daughter!

Announcing our daughter, Gracie! Gracie was born in Liberia December 4, 2003 and we will be celebrating her 3rd birthday with her in Liberia! We are well along in the adoption process. Continue to pray for Gracie - health, development, safety. Pray for us as we prepare to adopt this toddler with some special needs. Pray for our families as they prepare for their granddaughter/niece/great-granddaughter.

If you want to help us - we will have some fund-raisers forth coming.

We are also collecting American Airlines miles which can be used to fly us and our daughter to and from Liberia. Needless to say, we need LOTS of miles - if you want to donate AA miles.... Thank you!

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