Saturday, July 9, 2016

School supply list

Glue sticks (many)
Tape (many boxes)
Ticonderoga pencils (many boxes)
Electric (battery operated) pencil sharpener
5 subject notebooks (9)
Erasers (not pencil toppers)
Kids scissors (4)
Plastic pencil boxes (5)
Pens (black, blue, red)
Pilot G2 pens
Pilot precise pens
Binders 3” (6)
Binders 1” (3)
Construction paper
Printer paper (lots)
Divider tabs
3-hole punch
Index cards
Post-it notes
Portfolios (12)
Colored pencils
Dry erase board and markers
Permanent markers
Water colors and painting paper
School glue (4)
Glue sticks (lots)
Ruler (1)
Rechargeable batteries (AAA, AA, D) and battery charger
Disinfecting wipes (lots)
Hand sanitizer
Poster putty
Reinforcement circle labels
Stapler and standard staples
Tissues (lots)
Ziplocks (LOTS and many different sizes)

Correction fluid
Plastic page protectors

Case-it Mighty  (5 different colors)
Case-it tablet pouch (4)

12x12" scrapbooking hard case (for doing school work on lap or in the car - 5)
Hanging files and portable file box

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