Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hailing from Philadelphia area

We're enjoying day #2 of our lengthy support-raising trip. Our first stop is near Philadelphia with our dear friends. Ana has been "so excited" all week to arrive at "Timmy and Tabby's house" and is just giddy to be here with her best buddies! We got to go to a wheelchair accessible playground and Gracie loved the wheelchair swing! How fun!

Happy kids, Timmy, Tabby, and Ana, at play!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ana's first dentist trip

Bottom line: Ana did great! No cavities, she received a PINK DORA toothbrush!! She was a little confused by the whole experience but cooperated nicely while Noah cooperated nicely by snoozing in the Ergo carrier on my front - I wasn't sure what my plan was going to be if he was fussy and she wasn't cooperative! Praise God for two cooperative children at the right time!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another early smiler!

happy 3 weeks Noah!

On the road again...

Josh is off to Pennsylvania and Maryland as we speak and has the opportunity to share with two churches during this very short weekend!

He'll arrive in Baltimore mid-morning, drive up to Harrisburg area, visit with my (Abby's) sister, and then meet with a missions' team and attend a Saturday evening service. He'll get the chance to spend the night with our very good friends in Harrisburg and therefore drive on very little sleep back down to Maryland Sunday morning for a church service. He'll spend the day with a fantastic church plant in Maryland, attending and sharing in the morning service and the evening fellowship, spend the night with new friends there and drive himself back to the airport early on Monday morning to fly home.

I, unfortunately, can't pick him up at the airport because Ana has her first dentist appointment on Monday morning (scheduled months ago!) so I will somehow take baby Noah and Ana to that appointment while Gracie is at school and poor Josh will take the bus home from the airport.

Please pray for all these details, but more importantly for the right connections and blessed new friendships to come from this trip while God's glory is spread! Continue to pray for us as we seek to raise our children in a way that shapes their hearts to love God!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ana decided to teach Noah how to count today - she lined up all his toys and gave him a lesson. Noah was less than impressed. Ana wasn't deterred! ;-P

We're so smitten with our little Noah! The girls are doing so great with him - Gracie apparently shows him off at school with a little photo album I sent in and is very proud of him. Ana is a great "little mommy" and is very helpful. I'm still not getting sleep but we're taking it one day at a time!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend

We had the opportunity to go to Old Sturbridge Village with most of the Rattin family - a little tiring 10 days postpartum but the weather was stunning!

Ana and Mimi dress up in style at Old Sturbridge Village.

Ana and Josh participate in a game of Tug of War on the Commons at Old Sturbridge Village. We also got to ride in the stagecoach seen in the background.

Mama Mac took the girls swimming - our complex pool is always too cold for Gracie-girl!

Ana could stay in the pool till she's purple. She LOVES swimming!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sisters warming up to Noah

Noah's already swinging punches at big sister, Ana, who is tenderly giving him his binky!

Gracie's warming up to the idea of having Noah around as she stares at him in Mama Mac's arms.

(This is a kiss - I promise!! The first kiss to Noah from Gracie, by the way!)

Gracie allowed Noah to lay with her and even smiled! (Noah had other thoughts about the experience.)

Mama Ana is SUCH a big help! She's doing incredible with little tiny baby Noah and is quite interested in him and gentle with him. What a blessing!

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