Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief

I know that many are eager to help out in any way with the earthquake relief in Haiti. Our hearts ache with the human suffering that is going on right now and our inability to help. But right now, finances are greatly needed.

Here are two reputable Christian organizations that are providing disaster relief in Haiti.
- Bethany Children Services. Here’s a blog of the woman who runs an orphanage near Port-de-Prince. Please visit to donate to the Haiti-Earthquake Recovery fund.

- Mercy Ships International has mobilized their Disaster Relief Mercy Team to Haiti. Click here to donate to Mercy Ships.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gracie's cup

I thought some of you with kids with special needs might find it interesting which cup we're currently using at home - not an adaptive cup that costs $50 that LOOKS like an adaptive cup. No, Gracie is using a kids' Starbucks tumbler! There's a kids' sized tumbler that fits in her hand (although we're still doing hand-over-hand). Her liquids are thickened so they pour nicely out of the small spout. The top is tapered so that it's sticks up higher at the end where you drink from and is lower at the opposite end (similar to a nosey cup, but not as dramatic). There is a piece that flips over to cover the drinking hole and it seals it when closed so that I can shake her Simply Thick directly in the cup with her liquid to thicken it. It's also not exactly spill proof, but better than an open cup! And it's cool!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Advice from moms please!

Does anyone out there have any advice on finding cute church shoes to fit over AFOs? Right now Gracie's in non-articulated AFOs but they have the space in the back to articulate them. When I put her MaryJanes on - regardless of size, her feet end up getting swollen because of how they cut across the forefoot because the AFO is wide where feet normally are becoming narrow.

Right now she's in a pair of boots with a thick sole and they work great... but not so ideal for Easter and spring time weddings!

Ideas? She's in a wedding this spring! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice Skating

My brave friend, Amanda, took the girls iceskating over Christmas break. They had a blast! Gracie usually just cries when she has to do a "cold" sport... not this time! Ana wasn't sure of the skates at first but by the end, did fantastic!

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