Monday, April 14, 2008

4 months of sisterhood

In 4 months, the girls have become friends, still, of course, jealous of our attention! Ana's sitting up very well, rolling over, and strong enough to do the "Rattin trick" of standing on Daddy's hand! Gracie has transitioned from toddler into a little girl. AND, I finally gave in and cut her hair. The torture for both of us wasn't worth it. Her beautiful hair will grow out and maybe by then she'll be ready to NOT assume that I'm killing her when I venture to even TOUCH her hair!

Gracie is silly as can be and turns everything into a game. She has demonstrated that she knows her colors and knows her right hand from her left hand. She now also puts her toys back into her bin as part of her play rather than just taking them out - I'm sure that means something developmentally! Ana is all eyes for Daddy and for big sister with big smiles for them! At least I'm still the food source, so I still rate in there somewhere! ;-)

I have been dealing with my anxiety about Gracie's night time seizure activity. I have come to understand the sin of worry deeply embedded in my life as I struggle to turn over the control over my daughters' lives to the One who holds them in His Almighty hand. Gracie's seizures have become more mild and we've only had a few since Ana was born. But my maternal nature sure keeps me worrying when I don't intentionally entrust their lives to God each day. Gracie is in her own room and I'm weaning myself off the ineffective baby monitor and trusting God to awaken me if Gracie needs me.

On a scientific note, our pediatric neurologist has done research in this field and states that parents somehow know when their child is seizing. He did research which showed that when parents felt that their child was having seizures once a week but weren't sure if they could be missing some during the night, continuous monitoring showed that, sure enough, the child was seizing once a week. This is reassuring on a scientific level, but doesn't help much when I'm at work away from my babies! This is why I need to work on trusting God with the children that He has entrusted to my care. Please pray for me in this matter and I'm sure you can pray for all parents of children with unique needs as this is a common struggle.

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